Equity Research


Michael Cox, CFA

Co-Head of Global Equities

Jennifer Baxter

Associate Director of Research
Michael Cox is the co-head of global equities at Piper Sandler. In this role, he oversees the firm's equity research organization and serves as a member of the equities operating committee.
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Jennifer Baxter is an associate director of research at Piper Sandler, responsible for the supervisory analyst team as well as administrative and IT functions in equity research.
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Kevin BarkerFinancial ServicesConsumer & Mortgage Finance
John BarnidgeFinancial ServicesInsurance
Matthew ClarkFinancial ServicesBanks
Justin CrowleyFinancial ServicesBanks
Nicholas Cucharale, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Christopher Donat, CFAFinancial ServicesFinancial Technology
Mark Fitzgibbon, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Alexander GoldfarbFinancial ServicesReal Estate
Jeffery J. HarteFinancial ServicesBroker/Dealer
Charlie HoughFinancial ServicesBanks
Jeffrey Kitsis, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Andrew Liesch, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Crispin LoveFinancial ServicesSpecialty & Mortgage Finance
Brad Milsaps, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Sumeet ModyFinancial ServicesAsset Manager
Paul Newsome, CFA, CPCUFinancial ServicesInsurance
Brendan NosalFinancial ServicesBanks
Nathan RaceFinancial ServicesBanks
Richard Repetto, CFAFinancial ServiceseFinance
Frank Schiraldi, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Stephen Scouten, CFAFinancial ServicesBanks
Tom Shimp, CFA, CPAFinancial ServicesInsurance
R. Scott SiefersFinancial ServicesBanks
Alexander TwerdahlFinancial ServicesBanks
Casey Orr WhitmanFinancial ServicesBanks