Piper Sandler Ltd.

Institutional Brokerage

We've served clients in Europe for more than three decades, who count on us for strategic investments in the markets, competitive performance, solid transactions and financial advice.  


1st Floor
New Fetter Place
8-10 New Fetter Lane
London, U.K.


9 Queens Road
Aberdeen, Scotland
AB15 4YL

Tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will deliver. Work with us for expertise in:

U.S. Equities

With so many choices in the global equity markets, institutional investors need strong, resourceful sales and trading partners. Our professionals consistently deliver information, guidance and transaction skill to our clients. Look to us for:

  • Expertise in the U.S. and international equity markets
  • Highly credible and timely research
  • Efficient market-making in more than 2,500 NASDAQ and listed stocks
  • Direct access to corporate client executives
  • Creative ideas and thorough service

Sales and Trading

The Piper Sandler Ltd. European institutional sales and trading team has strong relationships with key investing institutions throughout the U.K. and Europe. This experienced, client-focused team works together to effectively provide a range of services, including the following:

  • Institutional sales
  • Corporate access
  • Sales and trading