Equity Sales & Trading

Capabilities for Institutional Investors

With so many choices in the global equity markets, institutional investors need strong, resourceful sales and trading partners. Our professionals consistently deliver information, guidance and transaction skill to our clients. 


Michael Cox, CFA
Co-Head of Global Equities
Tel: 612 303-2043
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Thomas O'Kane
Co-Head of Global Equities
Tel: 212 284-9375
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Jim Fehrenbach
Chief Operating Officer of Global Equities
Tel: 612 303-6422
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Look to us for:

  • Expertise in the U.S. and international equity markets
  • Market making and/or transacting in more than 2,500 NASDAQ- and NYSE-listed securities
  • Industry-leading fundamental, sector and technical research
  • Coverage of 650 small-, mid- and large-cap stocks
  • Direct access to corporate client executives
  • Idea generation, market knowledge and thorough service

Investment Research

Gain access to our award-winning, proprietary research on 650 companies in the technology, healthcare, financial institutions, consumer, energy, clean tech, industrials and agriculture sectors.

Client-only Piper Sandler meetings, conferences and reports keep you up-to-speed with today's most dynamic companies, new opportunities and industry trends.

Electronic Trading

Our electronic trading platform uses sophisticated algorithms and order routing to minimize market impact. This efficient, fast, low-cost method responds to real-time market information. That means you have the power to choose the right timing, trading period and price for your business.

Through electronic trading you get:

  • Price-predictive modeling technology
  • Customized execution strategies and order types
  • Minimization of information leakage
  • Easily scalable infrastructure

Learn more about our algorithmic and program trading services.

Commission services agreements

For those clients who use third party services, we provide a seamless platform to assist clients in managing their 28(e) budgets. Commissions are accrued daily, viewable online and exportable to Microsoft Excel®. Trading can be done via any of the Piper Sandler equities venues: cash desk, direct market asset (DMA) or algorithmic. Invoice payment is timely, generally within 3 to 5 business days of client approval.

View disclosures and information on Securities and Exchange Commission Rules 605 & 606.